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  New Album !  

Messages from Water

Messages from Water

Labele : PROMISE LAND 2023




     Geoffrey Secco (tenor sax)

     Ludovic Allainmat (piano, fender rhodes)

     Damien Varaillon (double bass)

     Ichiro Onoe (drums)               

     Thierry Peala (vocal, track 2)                                                                       


All music composed and arranged by Ichiro Onoe

Lyrics "Messages from Water" written by Gill  Gladstone




“Messages from Water raises the alarm … militant and spiritual commitment”




“All compositions embrace us with elegance, temperament, sensitivity and sensuality till the final … Jazz, the way we truly love ! ”

Sophie Chambon –  Les Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz



“Exquisite drummer who knows how to caress the skins and cymbals without breaking the ears.”

YVES DORISON  –  CultureJazz 



“His drums, a bubbling spring, fed by the other musicians turn into a torrent.”

Jérôme Gillet  – froggy’s delight








Ichiro Onoe / Miyabi

Label :  PROMISE LAND   2018


                  Geoffrey Secco (tenor sax)

                  Ludovic Allainmat (piano)

                  Matyas Szandai (contra bass)

                  Ichiro Onoe  (drums)


     All music composed and arranged by Ichiro Onoe            



“A vector of emotions and wisdom… an outstanding rhythmician.”

Les chroniques de Hiko  : Yehudi Menuhin


“Virtuosity and energy, ”

Les Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz  : Sophie Chambon


“Elegant lyricism adorned with delicate nuances from the beginning to the end of the seven tracks of  Miyabi…”

Latins de Jazz & Cie  :  Nicole Videmann


“Miyabi is simply one of the indispensables ! ”

Paris-Move  : Thierry DocMac


“Both lyrical and volcanic, his sensitive and supple drumming wonderfully propels his companions, …”

JAZZ Magazine  : Félix Marciano


Fnac Miyabi               amazon.com                 Disk Union Miyabi         



Wind Child CD cover

Label : PROMISE LAND    2014

                  Geoffrey Secco (tenor sax)

                  Ludovic Allainmat (piano)

                  Matyas Szandai (contra bass)

                  Ichiro Onoe  (drums)


All music composed and arranged by Ichiro Onoe



"Japan's answer to Paul Motian, Ichiro Onoe is perhaps the next great lyrical drummer of our time."

Bop-N-Jazz / Brent BLACK

"Drummer with a great melodic sensitivity and always able to stimulate a swing lively "

Culture JAZZ / Thierry GIARD



"...in love with cheerful melodies swaying in between modern bop and straight 8th note jazz."




"...he breaks in with conviction of his compositions between swing («Ermitage»), funk («Playground»),  free («What Do You Want») and  balladeers («Wind Child», «Recesses of the Heart»).  And  run throughout the session as a leader : the feeling."




"...an album where the drums draw the luxuriant landscapes of different paths and  atmospheres which  have  always a strong and powerful declaration of love for jazz."                                  

Sun Ship / Franpi BARRIAUX



"...his support is bouncy, his energy is finely channeled. Vibrant and carnal, invigorating, this jazz album sketches a story with subtle colors ; an apparent simplicity, a marked fluidity yet an authentic declaration of love for this music."                                                      

Les Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz / Sophie CHAMBON

"…is it necessary to say once again that Ichiro Onoe is a magnificent drummer that it's time to discover ? " 

Citizen Jazz / Denis DESASSIS



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